PST Password Recovery Software

An intelligently designed software to extract password of protected PST files to provide an easy excess

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Reset PST Password - Key Functions

Unlock Locked PST Databases

The PST password recovery software is a standalone device. It gives you an easy access to the PST files that are inaccessible because you have forgotten the password. The software manages to unlock any PST files regardless of its size and version. Both ANSI and Unicode versions are supported by the software.

Let You Reset Password of PST

The PST recovery app doesn't only remove password of PST files but is capable to reset the password. You can choose any password to your PST file. It means PST files can be locked again and this time you know their password. The feature doesn't alter the data of PST.

Batch Recovery of PST files

This is a straightforward app. You don't need to take the headache of recovering multiple PST files as the software support bulk file password recovery. A number of PST files can be selected and installed in the software to recover their password at once. It means they are unlocked at a time. Along with recovery of password, the software manages to reset a new password of unlocked PST files.


Only healthy PST files are scanned and password recovery takes place.
It is a standalone utility, reads and scans PST files without additional software help. It doesn't even need Outlook help.
All the available versions of Outlook are supported by the software.
It recovers password of multiple PST files.