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Key Features - Add Watermark in PDF

Set Watermark Image or Text

Which watermark feature you like can choose. The software gives you flexibility to set watermark of any image you like and any text. You can choose a company logo or a photograph of your interest to give a custom touch to each page of the portable document.

Customize Watermark Text

While setting a text as a watermark, you have the flexibility to choose any text you like. At the same time, the font style, size and colour are all decided by you. It gives complete freedom to design your own text watermark.

Set Position & Transparency

Both image and text can be edited for their transparency and position. There are different directions to post your image or text like right centre, right horizontal, right vertical, left horizontal, left vertical etc… multiple options are available to set your image or text watermark position. The transparency level can be set as per percentage. The software provides you with complete flexibility of this.


You are free to choose any font style. The software provides you with complete flexibility.
It allows you to watermark a single PDF file at a time.
The software body will show you a clean preview. You can easily see the change.
No file content is damaged with this app.