Outlook.com Backup

A simple cloud backup solution to extract all your valuable Outlook.com databases along with attachments to your desired format

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Key Features: Create Backup of Outlook.com

Export Data of Selective Account

Connect the tool with your Outlook.com mail service. For this all you need to provide the correct user ID and password. The program has capacity to scan data of the particular account to export,. Only selected account data is exported by the software. Thus, conversion results are achieved as per expectations.

Backup of Entire Database Accurately

This program has come across rigorous data accuracy test where it exports mails of selective months. It maintains the folders and sub-folders in the proper hierarchy during conversion process. No mails get lost and damaged. The tool is reliable to preserve your important mails. Along with entire components of mails attachments are also exported safely.

Simple to Handle Independently

No specific or deep technical guide is required to operate the app. It is easy to manage and operate independently. Novice can use the app with confidence. The GUI interface is fairly simple, required 3-4 steps for backup. Both installation and configuration processes are simple to follow.


With the help of this program, you can export multiple mails by selecting a folder or required mails.
This is a Windows based app, run independently. It doesn't need any additional software assistance.
You can create backup of your interested Outlook.com account but for this you will have to provide the correct User ID and password of the following Account.
As you acquired the program, its validity is for the time period you want to use it.