Merge PDF Solution

Now face no small file clutter with Merge PDF app, merge all sized PDFs with great accuracy

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Key Features of PDF Merger

Merge Targeted PDFs

With this PDF merger, getting desired merge results will become so easy. The software gives flexibility to its users to select those PDFs that they want to merge. The file filter feature gives access to select and merge targeted PDFs only. PDFs of any size can be merged without any objection.

Merge with Full Accuracy

With this merge program, merge operation is achieved without any glitch. Targeted PDF files are merged without leaving the trace of any error. The software merges both small and big sized PDF documents. It merges text, pictures, graphs, chart, diagrams and whole content of the PDF without single error.

Organize Data Smartly

Select PDF files. In case, you want to delete some files from the merge list you can do it easily with select and remove button. Extra files can be added. The software lets you create a new PDF file with your decided name to save data. Thus, the data management takes place smartly.


The software performs merge operate of multiple PDFs smoothly.
You can but you will have to provide the password of these files.
It is a well tested app. Users have shown their trust. It provides accurate results each time.
You are free to use as long as you wish if the license has been purchased.