Compress Outlook PST

Enable you to resize Outlook PST files by removing junk/unused space or removing attachments

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Key Features: Compress PST File Size

Compress PST Using 3 Ways

For users, the tool provides enough room to compress PST files in different ways. They are allowed to compress by removing junk or unused space along with removing attachments only. Users have flexibility to remove and save attachments. In that way the file size automatically shrinks. In the other way, the attachments can remove, save and compress. You are free to choose any of the given options.

Compress Targeted PST Files

With this compressor, you have the flexibility to target a specific PST file to compress. The software carries an advance browse tab to locate a particular PST file from locally saved folders. The advance program has capacity to compress both ANSI and Unicode version PST files. Before any of your precious PST file gets corruption due to oversize issue, fix it using the PST compressor.

A User Friendly Application

Working with the PST file compressor is so easy. It doesn't need help of technical experts to operate. Novice can operate the app easily. It doesn't need technical competency. There are few simple tabs the tool holds. They are self-descriptive. After one trial you can learn how easy it is to run the program.


It scans and compresses only accessible PST files.
It is a standalone application.
Yes, you are allowed to compress databases of any Outlook version.