AOL Backup Solution

Export & Save AOL data safely, give control over conversion

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Key Features: Download AOL Backup

Backup of User's Specified Database

With this backup solution you can able to connect and backup the data of the particular AOL account. For this, all you need to provide the correct user ID and password. The utility itself establishes connection with the account to backup safely.

Accurate Backup Assurance

With AOL backup solution finds accurate data conversion. The solution scans your specified email folders to export whole data. No structural changes are faced. Whole properties of each selected email are exported including Date, Time, Attachments, CC, To, BCC etc… You can rely the program.

Simplicity to Operate

Installing, operating and managing the tool take no technical assistance. Novice can handle the program without trapping in any technical issue. The GUI interface is highly interactive. Users find the tool cooperative enough to operate independently.


Backup of selective emails are provided as you can select desired folders including Inbox, Sent Items, Trash or any other custom folder.
At a time, you can operate a single AOL account.
This software is capable to perform your conversion goal all alone.
In this situation you will have to reset it. The software is not going to help you in this regard.